OtterBox Education Solutions

OtterBox has been defending and enhancing technology for more than two decades. Along the way, our expertise in device protection, custom solutions and customer support has grown exponentially. From device cases to mobile accessories, we engineer education innovations that safeguard connectivity and elevate the learning environment. Because wherever you are — classroom to virtual lecture hall and beyond — OtterBox has tech covered.

Unlimited Series

Outfit your iPad (9th gen), iPad (8th gen) and iPad (7th gen) for seamless education and technology integration with Unlimited Series. Slim, clear and engineered for superior drop defense, Unlimited Series protects tablets in the classroom, in packs, at home and everywhere in between.

Unlimited accessories

Unlimited Series accessories accommodate comfortable typing, viewing and carrying, while a screen protector easily attaches to help keep your brilliant display flawless.

Innovative learning

Innovative learning

OtterBox believes in empowering kids to reach their full potential. With technology transforming the learning environment, connecting eager minds with engaging tools sets them on the path. OtterBox’s suite of smart education-ready products keeps your IT investments delivering on their promise to the next generation.

OtterShell Series for 11" Laptop Case

Protective laptop case is precision-engineered Chromebook and laptop solution for K-12 students. Industry-leading device retention features keep laptops secure while the rugged case protects them from wear and tear. Protective laptop case helps students keep their technology up and running for the long haul.

Limited lifetime warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

OtterBox made its name engineering products that build trust, foster connections and instill confidence. But it stakes its reputation on its world class customer service.

  • Reassures your customers their purchase isn’t a risk
  • Covers defects in manufacturing, material and/or workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the product
  • The premium price gives your customers a premium product backed by a premium experience
  • There’s more to the purchase price than just the product
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OtterBox Kids EasyGrab Tablet Case

Ensure classroom tech is ready for anything with OtterBox Kids EasyGrab Tablet Case for iPad. Known for legendary protection, OtterBox designed EasyGrab Tablet Case especially for small hands. Made to prevail over tumbles and drops and to outlast daily wear and tear, teachers and parents can rest assured their kids’ iPad is protected. Included with EasyGrab Tablet Case is the innovative EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand designed for multiple hands-free viewing angles in class and convenient carrying in the car and on the go.

  • Durable construction for exuberant users that's tested and proven to outlast heavy-duty use
  • Grip ridges designed for easy hold by growing hands
  • Rugged protection withstands drops, throws and falls from tables and countertops
  • Clean crumbs, sticky snacks and grime easily, case withstands frequent use of cleaning and sanitizing wipes
  • Fun colors that students love and parents and teachers approve
  • Raised edges protect camera and screen
  • Innovative EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand included
  • OtterBox backed: hassle-free customer service, plus limited lifetime warranty


Apple’s newest iPad allows students and teachers to take innovative learning to a higher level. Pair this groundbreaking device with protective cases that meet the unique requirements of K-12 classrooms.

Microsoft Surface

Whether it’s Surface Pro or Surface Go, OtterBox Symmetry Series and Defender Series cases guard against drops and fumbles, so students stay undeterred and fully engaged.

World-class customer service

World-class customer service

OtterBox made its name engineering products that build trust, foster connections and instill confidence. But it stakes its reputation on its world class customer service.

  • Friendly Otters empowered to solve situations
  • Highest Net Promoter Scores* in the industry

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*Net Promoter Scores measure a customer’s willingness to recommend a company’s products or services. Scores are used for gauging overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service as well as customer loyalty.

OtterBox Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming accessories from OtterBox for trusted protection and next-level gameplay. The future of mobile gaming is here with a complete ecosystem of accessories for gaming in breakrooms, classrooms, after school programs and on the go.

Gaming Accessories