Built for the Field

Technicians, engineers and service reps get the job done in demanding environments with sensitive equipment. Otter Products outfits this workforce with reinforced cases and gear that keep them connected and protected.

Defender Series

Tried and true, Defender Series is engineered to endure the toughest working conditions and keep business-critical hardware up and running.

  • Multiple layers create a defensive shell around your devices
  • Raised edge for added screen protection
  • Port covers block dirt, dust and lint from getting into jacks and ports
  • Screenless design for true response with every touch
  • Includes a holster that doubles as a kickstand
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Universe Series

Expand your devices’ capabilities with uniVERSE Series, the intelligent case that lets you connect modules and create purpose-built tools.

  • Protective case with attachment points for adding modules
  • Swap modules in and out depending on the task at hand — while keeping the case in place
  • When new devices deploy, modules connect to new cases
  • Slim, low-profile case design for easy handling
  • Custom case and module creation options available